Adroit is committed to helping you get the most from your Banking application. A key part of this commitment is our complete suite of customised end-user training we offer.

Our instructors provide the information to assist in designing and configuring. Adroit Consulting offers these training sessions in London. We have on-site training facility. You may find it cost-effective to have training classes taught at your company site. We can arrange for an instructor to travel to your organisation and teach a full curriculum.

Our training courses and customisation provide a way to speed up adoption of new customer problem management processes and reduce the learning curve.

All Adroit's training is practical, participative, authoritative, up-to-date and founded on accepted principles, recognised professional standards, international best practice and the trainers' own wide experience and skills. Considerable use is made of group work, case studies and real-life examples.

Extensive material is provided in the form of handouts and course manuals. On all its courses, ADROIT prides itself on the personal touch and the detailed tailoring of training to ensure that it exactly meets the client's and participants' needs and circumstances.

We bring together the very best of three most critical elements of any training program: an effective trainer, relevant training content and condusive training facilities.

We strongly beleive in promoting close interactivity between our course lecturers and the participants. Regardless of whether the course offered is a specifically tailored in-house training or workshop, our participants have found our training to be highly relevant and applicable in their work and or personal development.

Every training program we design is unique offering a bespoke solution tailored to address your specific needs and requirements. Our courses make use of a variety of training methods, including formal lectures, syndicate work, group discussions, case studies and project work, with an emphasis on individual participation, hands-on and sharing experience.

Our Training Benefits and processes. organisations will derive fewer disruptions to business operations, fewer errors will be commited by staff and there will be less reliance on support desks when staff are well trained.

In order to ensure that a bank's initial investment on training is achieved, it is important that skills are continuously updated through attendance of relevant follow up training courses. below are some of the benefits your bank can derive from our company:

Dedicated training facilities and equipments in Nigeria and London, thereby ensuring minimised interruption to your team.

Courses facilitated by experienced consultants with hands-on practicals. Comprehensive training programs that will ensure maximum returns on your investment and less reliance on support desks. Tailored-made training which can be delivered at your own premises and delivered to your own specific requirements.