Our Services

Adroit offers consulting and custom software solutions through our Professional Services group.

Our consultants assist companies in developing and tailoring database applications to their specific needs.
Our consultants can assist you with any task ranging from writing API, Interfaces to complete module development.
We have extensive experience in the implementation of Temenos GlobusTM/eMergeTM and Adroit products with both in-house applications and vendor-supplied software.

The major areas covered in our consulting programs include:

Full Application Development: With Adroit's Full Application Development consulting program, our consultants use their experience in working with many clients to design and implement customized applications that are cost-effective and high-performance.

The application development can be new projects, such as financial applications, Inventory, or Report Manager.
Virtually any type of application using Universe/jBaseTM, VB or VC++ programming language is an excellent candidate for Adroit application development consulting.

Our consultants can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in new software and training, and deliver dramatic boosts in user productivity.

Client/Server Consulting: Client/Server consulting is designed to assist companies in designing and implementing cost effective and efficient Client/Server systems using VB or VC++. Adroit consultants use the front-end, development tools and SQL Server or Oracle databases.

At the conclusion of the consulting project, clients will have a working Client/Server system and the knowledge to develop additional applications as needed.

On-site staff training is also included in the consulting program.